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      Daniel KellerDaniel Keller


      We have had 3 ActivSlate 60 charging ports break in the last couple months. All the devices are about 3 years old. Has anyone had success repairing these?

      The solder joints on the charging port fail and the port breaks free from the circuit board internally. It looks like these ports’ only physical connection is to the circuit board and are not held in place or stabilized by the housing whatsoever.

      Of course I have filed a ticket and they are out of warranty, so I’m hoping some of you have a good repair “hack” for these devices. Thanks a lot!


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      Our only available fix
      for this issue would be a warranty replacement, should the Slate in question be
      covered.  Outside of warranty, any replacements
      would need to be purchased from a Promethean Salesperson.


      (Support Case

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      What I do is take a slate that does not have a broken charger port and take the battery out of the broken one, charge that and then swap it back.  This saves us from having to purchase more because I work at a school and that would get very expensive.  Hope this helps!!

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      rodney waderodney wade

      We have the same issue.  This is a faulty design as a charging port should have some strain relief built into any external connection.  These are only held on by their solder joints and thus have broken.  Our school have decided to drop these devices and go with another competing product due to these issues. This is like several thousand dollars down the drain in just over a year.

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      Hi Rodney,

      Thanks for posting.

      The ActivSlate charging USB port is no different to most other USB ports out there on different devices.

      Whilst we understand that this may have been broken on your ActivSlate, it is worth noting that USB ports are fairly durable, but if you try to insert cables backwards, or attempt to connect incorrect cables to it, you can break the inside of the port or connector for the port.

      It may be possible to re-solder those connectors if they are not broken for this to work.

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Support




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