What is ActivInspire?
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      Teresa ChiversTeresa Chivers

      I have a new ActivSlate that sat in a box for over a year.  It will  not charge at all.  I figured it is a bad battery and can see the type of battery on the back of the slate.  Despite removing all the screws, I cannot get the slate open.  Any advice?

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      We do not provide any
      instructions for the dis assembly of ActivSlate devices. 


      Only the ActivSlate 60
      has a removable battery, which only needs to have one screw removed from a
      battery cover to access.


      If the slate is not
      able to charge using any charging cable or (in the case of ActivSlate 60s) a
      USB connection to any computer, then we would normally replace that slate if it
      were under warranty.  As this device is
      outside of its one-year warranty, we would not replace that device.  Please contact
      a Promethean Salesperson
      for assistance with purchasing a replacement Slate.


      (Support Case 00491658)

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