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      William EldridgeWilliam Eldridge

      I work for an electronics recycler/refurbisher/reseller. We recently received a fully operational ActivTable (Product Code T-SURFACE). Per our company certification standards we cannot allow a hard drive to leave our premises without having been zero-wiped. This means our standards require the entire drive be wiped, including the factory restore image that is present on the drive. However, we cannot find anywhere that indicates where to download the image on the Promethean site so we can reinstall the Promethean software onto this ActivTable. How/where is this obtained? We were able to get Windows 10 installed on it, but none of the drivers downloaded make the touch features of the table function. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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      Hi William,

      Thank you for your post.  Our ActivTable software is not available to the public, this is only something that you are able to download within the ActivTable software.  Since you have installed Windows 10, this has removed the ActivTable software and will not be possible to install the ActivTable software.

      Also, the ActivTable doesn’t support Windows 10.


      Thank you,



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