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      Hi, I work with a museum that has an ActivWall 102 connected through one of the ClassFlow hubs. Originally the hub was just software but Promethean changed it to be basically a PC computer.

      Although the light on the LGA is blue the touch screen does not seem to work at all. The bluetooth mouse and keyboard work fine but touching the screen has no result.

      The board was left unused during the pandemic but it has updated firmware to 5.14.14. Everything appears to be connected as it was when it was working fine.

      I attempted to do the calibration but because it did not respond to touch I had to shut the device down and restart. I tried detaching and reattaching the cables and it has had no effect except now the board doesn’t seem to register as a connected device in the notification area pop-up. Which is problematic because that is how you access the calibration features.

      There is a message that says ClassFlow cannot connect to the server but that seems unrelated.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have students starting next week.

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