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      Cody DavisCody Davis

      I have updated the ActivStudio software, Adobe Reader, Java, and Flash but I still cannot open PDF documents through Adobe Reader while ActivStudio is open.

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      Is the same behavior
      seen when using the ActivInspire software instead of ActivStudio?  If needed, the updated ActivInspire software can
      be downloaded from this
      on Promethean Planet (after logging in to your account on that page)


      If you already have
      ActivInspire installed and the Professional Edition of the software is in use,
      you can try importing the PDF into the software (File > Import > PDF) for
      presentation in the Inspire software. 
      This will not affect the source file, and the resulting flipchart can be
      saved for later use.


      (Support Case

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      When ActivInsipre is loaded the PDF documents works fine. The import of the document may work but I will have to see. I think she was wanting to take segments of a PDF and paste it into her flipchart.

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      Cody, if she just wants to paste segments of the PDF into a flipchart and it turns out she’s using ActivInspire, she can just use Desktop Tools and Area Snapshot to do that. Have her click the Desktop Tools  button on the main toolbox. ActivInspire will go out of sight, and she’ll then float her mouse over the resulting Desk Tools, whereupon it’ll expand. She’ll then float her mouse over the Camera tool, and that will expand into the various options. Area Snapshot will be the one circled below.

      When she clicks that, a rectangle will open, which she can move and resize to capture just the portion of the PDF she wants (she’ll probably also need to move the Camera Snapshot menu out of the way). Once she has sized the rectangle to where she wants it, she’ll choose Clipboard on the Camera Snapshot menu. Then she’ll float her mouse over the Desktop Tools again and, after it expands, she’ll click the Return to Flipcharts button you see above, just above and to the right of the center. Once back in the flipchart, she can paste it when she’s ready, and resize and move it to wherever desired.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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