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      Desktop PC connected to Promethean 65″ activpanel via HDMI. Resolution is 1920*1080 @ 60hz so all correct. However the PC does not use all of the available screen. There is a 2″ wide border in black all the way around. I’ve tried using zoom etc on the remote but nothing makes the screen fit as it should

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      To help us better understand the behavior and to direct our troubleshooting
      more accurately, can you advise us of the Product Code (and only the product
      code) from the bottom of the Panel’s lower left corner?


      Does the border present on the image seen on the Panel when
      using any other cables to connect to any of the video inputs on the Panel?  If there is any extension cabling or adapters
      used to make the video connection, please by-pass them in favor of a direct
      connection to the panel, using only a single length of HDMI or VGA cable to
      make the video connection to the panel; does connecting in this manner affect
      the image seen on the panel?  Does
      connecting any other computer or device to the Panel in the same manner present
      the same border around the image?


      (Support Case 00552248)



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