Interactive Flat Panels

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    Frank Thompson
    Frank Thompson

    Using: VTP-65 Interactive Panel with ActivConnect OPS-G and we are a google district.

    I cannot find the Annotate app described in this video. Please post a link to it. Also, how do you add additional apps to the toolkit?

    screen shot of video

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    Frank Thompson
    Frank Thompson

    Here is the link to the video demonstrating the app.

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    Hi Frank Thompson,

    Thanks for posting.

    Do you have the other applications that are shown on this screenshot? If so, I suspect that this app may have stopped working from the ActivConnect Tools.

    You can Force Stop the application by going to Settings> Apps and choosing ActivConnect Tools.

    You can then open this by finding this in your Apps categories, does this icon now show?

    Also, there isn’t a way to add additional apps to the ActivConnect Tools section, you can add the apps to the Home Screen and navigate to there through the ActivConnect Tools Home button.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Support

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