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      Dr. Andrew BayukDr. Andrew Bayuk

      With the recent update to ActivInspire, I can once again register my students and send them flipchart pages. However, the polling feature is not working. The students receive the questions and are able to choose an answer and submit, but this does not register on the board, their names no longer light up yellow as they submit their answers. Getting frustrated with losing things that used to work. Are you aware of this problem and is there a fix? Please help. Please don’t abandon ActivInspire. I don’t want to import my lessons to online ClassFlow. I have all my science curriculum written to flipcharts. Presently, the only way to poll is with the ActivExpression responders.
      Dr. Andrew Bayuk

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      Upon further investigation, this is an intermittent problem. It is sometimes solved by me signing off and back on. Other times, it persists. Something is still amiss though.

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      Can you confirm for us the versions of ActivInspire and the ActivDriver which are installed on the computer on which this behavior presents? If needed, updated versions of both are available from Promethean Support (ActivInspire and ActivDriver).

      Also, are the Flipchart pages are being sent to the Students using the ClassFlow integration tools within ActivInspire or through some other means?

      (Support Case 00639367)

Viewing 2 reply threads
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