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      I’m using an AP4-84-4K, OS Windows 10. I have 3 questions:
      Is this ActivPanel capable of distinguishing between finger and stylus input/touch in any way?
      I want to always use the Select Tool when I touch the board with my finger, regardless which tool is selected in the Main Toolbar.
      Only if I work with the stylus, then ActivInspire should use the selected tool in the Main Toolbar.
      Is this possible?
      Is it correct that the Dual User Mode (Hotkey F4) can’t be used with an ActivPanel. If yes, what’s the reason?
      Thanks in advance.
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      Hi dogcatmouse,

      Thank you for you post.

      The ActivPanel can’t distinguish between the finger and the stylus however it can if you bind the digital pen to the ActivPanel. This way ActivManager and ActivInspire can determine your select tool (under File>Settings>Dual Mode ActivBoard).

      To help answer question 3, the ActivPanel is not a dual user product.
      The ActivBoard 300 and 500 series (and addition of the ActivArena kit for the 2nd generation boards) were dual user products as this had the capability of differentiating between a teacher and student pen which the ActivPanel as a touch device doesn’t.

      I hope this information helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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      Hi Adam,

      thank you for your answer.

      I’m a little bit confused and I’m not sure what to do. Can you guide me?

      These are the actual settings under File>Settings>Dual Mode ActivBoard:
      1. Touch input handling: Touch Or Stylus
      2. Touch interoperability: OS Compatible
      3. Default tool for touch: Select
      4. Default object interaction mode: Any
      5. Enable Page turn gestures: On
      6. Enable Touch pan and zoom: On

      If I change “Touch input handling” to “Treat as Select Tool”, then my finger AND the stylus will only act as the Select Tool – I can’t do anything else e.g. using the Pen Tool – neither with my finger (that would be ok) nor with the stylus.

      Which settings should I use here? 
      Do I have to change any settings in ActivDriver, too?

      Kind regards,

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      Hi Helge,

      Thank you for your reply.

      You can keep the option as the default tool for touch as Select, you can then use your finger/stylus to press the Pen tool which the pen tool will take over. 

      You won’t need to amend any settings, from looking at the settings you have set within ActivInspire you should be fine to carry on as normal.

      Is there a particular thing you are trying to do?

      Promethean Technical Support

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