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      In my classroom I’m using an ActivPanel i-Series board. As a solution for my need of a high quality image document camera to show on the Promethean board, I hooked my full HD WebCam, that I got last year, to the USB port on the OPS-G which is running version

      After plugging in the WebCam and restarting the OPS, I opened the Camera app and it recognized the WebCam. Attached is an image showing the Camera app view.

      As you can see, the image shown looks good, but doesn’t take full advantage of Promethean’s full HD display. Every square inch of screen real estate is precious in a large classroom. What can I do to stream full 1920 x 1080?

      Camera app shows partial screen

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      Hi David,

      Generally, this would be expected from the default camera app.

      Are you able to try other apps that may have options to change positions or zoom?

      Thank you,


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      Hi Krista,

      Thank you for your reply. Perhaps it’s implied that that is the Camera apps expected behavior, nonetheless it wouldn’t hurt to include that information with the app.

      I hadn’t thought of that so I just tried it with OBS and switched it to 1920×1080 and will try it out with the Promethean board when I return to school.


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