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      Matt SnyderMatt Snyder

      Hi. I’m trying to find a way to assign my devices to each students in each class once and then just make sure each student gets the same device every day. For example, once everything is set up, I want to be able to select ‘Period 1’ and devices are already assigned to the students in that class (Device #1 is assigned to Bob Smith, device #2 is assigned to Suzy Jones, etc.). The next period, I then can select ‘Period 2’ and the devices are now assigned to the students in that class, and so on. It seems that this should not be too difficult, but I can’t seem to find how to do this. Thanks.

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      Matt, my books “Mastering ActivInspire” and “Mastering Promethean Learner Response Solutions” both cover use of the database in ActivInspire. They’re available for Kindle at As you probably know, you can read Kindle books on any device, using their free downloadable apps. If there’s something else that covers this, I haven’t seen it. An alternative may be in getting local guidance from Promethean or your Promethean dealer.

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      The ActivInspire software does not have the ability to
      permanently or assign a given voting device to a student or list of
      students.  The devices will need to
      be-reallocated to the students in each class at the start of the class period.   This process can be done automatically, but
      may not assign the same student to the same device each time they are allocated.


      We will raise this as an enhancement to be made to a future
      version of the ActivInspire software.  Please
      look to promethean Planet for announcements of any updated release of the Inspire


      (Support Case 00579047)

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      Jarrad, I believe this can be done through the Assign Students to Devices button in the Voting Browser, wherein you go into the database in AI. Once there, clicking the Edit Database button enables you to enter students singly or by importing CSV files, and once they’re separated in their individual classes, you can choose among them in Assign Students to Devices by choosing the class. Or am I misunderstanding the question?

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      You are correct, you can assign the students a device but it will not always be the same device.

      You can find lots of information on our knowledge base on setting up a voting session.

      Please go to and click on the relevant voting device for more information.

      Thank you


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