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    John Jenn
    John Jenn

    We have new Promethean ActivPanels with ActivConnect-G units.  ActivCast mirroring from the ActivCast Sender app on Windows 7&10 computers works very well.  HOWEVER, audio does not mirror to the ActivPanels, it only plays on the computer.  How can I enable audio playthrough to the ActivPanel?

    Mirroring from the ActivCast Sender Chrome extension on Chromebooks to our ActivPanels works very well too, except that audio doesn’t mirror to the ActivPanels.  Again, how can we send audio from the Chromebook to the ActivPanel?

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated in this matter.

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    Hi John,

    Thanks for posting.
    Whats the version of ActivConnect you are using? This can be found in the ‘Update’ app.

    On your ActivCast sender app, ensure that the volume is set on the preferences and that the volume is up on the ActivConnect and ActivPanel.

    For the Chrome add-on for ActivCast, this will show you ‘Desktop’ and ‘Current tab’. Only the ‘Current tab’ can have sound played through this.



    Promethean Support

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    John Jenn
    John Jenn

    Thanks again for your assistance.  Everything is working well now.

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