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      Craig BrinkmanCraig Brinkman

      Hello, I have recently updated Activinspire to 2.22 on both MacOS Mojave and Catalina.  I have found that this version as well as 2.21 does not allow me to play embedded audio across all slides/pages.  The audio stops when I advance to the next page.  Is there a setting that can be changed to allow the audio to continually play?  If not, when might an update be available to change this?  This was not a problem in prior versions.

      I have tried downgrading to 2.18 however this poses another set of problems as the embedded audio forces iTunes or QuickTime to open when clicked.  If there is a version between 2.18 and 2.22 that will play the audio continually and in the application, I would be grateful to be provided a download link.

      Thank you.

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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Hi Craig,

      Thank you for posting and your feedback regarding ActivInspire.

      Although this functionality has worked in the past, it wasn’t a functionality that was purposely built into the software. Generally speaking, we wouldn’t expect the sound to persist across different flipchart pages.

      I will make sure I pass on your feedback to our developers to raise this as an Enhancement request to look into providing an option to do so in a future version, but for the moment, you would have to use an external player for this.

      Please do not hesitate to get back to us if you have other suggestions or questions regarding this

      Thank you,


      Promethean Technical Support


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      Craig BrinkmanCraig Brinkman


      Thank you for your fast reply!  Is it possible to be provided a download link to a prior version where this functionality is present?  I am a music teacher that relies on this capability.  Playing audio through another player isn’t really ideal for my situation with all of the stopping and starting that needs to happen throughout the course of a lesson.

      I’m not sure what versions are available that support this function and also play the audio in the application.  Something between 2.18 and 2.21.  I can’t remember what the prior version was that I was using prior to upgrading.

      Thank you!

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      Paul PrometheanPaul Promethean

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for your reply.  The last version this was known to work was 2.18 each following version the music would stop when changing slides.  One workaround is to try using the page extender so you have have more content on the slide you just need to scroll?  I know this isnt ideal but its the only workaround we have as newer versions of the Mac OS wont work correctly with older ActivInspire.

      The enhancement request for this is open and we hope to have this in a future release.

      If we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to get back in touch.

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Technical Support

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      I am so disappointed  about the lost feature to play music across all slides/pages. It was one of the features  that  made using Active Inspire more attractive verses other software options and made  instructing  and teaching  through COVID so much better. My students loved this feature and playing music during instruction helped them relax and it one of the things I loved to use consistently. Please, please please, re-install this feature.

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      Adam H PrometheanAdam H Promethean
      Senior Moderator

      Hi TinaPeck,

      We will add your response to the internal enhancement request which exists in support of this feature.

      Kind regards,

      Adam H

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      Anna SmockAnna Smock

      Ahhhhhhh! I just discovered my flipcharts don’t work the way they used to. As a music teacher this is so upsetting. I have so many activities built around the music continuing as the visual changes. It was an extremely convenient feature.  Google slides can do it, but it requires converting things into mp3s first and some extra box checking. So many listening maps are ruined now. Sigh. I read your reply above that it wasn’t an actual feature, but please please please consider making it an option. The actual workaround I have used before is to have itunes doing the playing in the background but it doesn’t always work well. It was unbelievably convenient to just drag the music into the flipchart and have it play until it stopped, regardless of the slides changing.

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      Hi Anna,

      Thank you for reaching out and we appreciate your feedback.

      We understand your frustrations and we have raised this with our product teams to consider implementing in the future.

      Thank you,


      Promethean Escalations Team

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      Kristin NelsonKristin Nelson

      I agree with the above.  I have several songs that are on 2 or more charts so the lyrics are large enough to read.  The music continued through all the charts (like turning the page of music).  I don’t know what to do now.  I really don’t want to have to try to make a video.  Please get this feature back.  I would think the developers would be able to figure this out.  It could be added in Tools or make a new sub-category in “Sound Controller”.  Give it an option for each sound controller icon to continue to next charts or only be on the current chart.  This should be very doable.  : )   It’s needed NOW!

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      Hi Kristin,

      Thanks for your feedback, we’ll add this request to our Product teams.




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      Bruno HortaBruno Horta

      Same problem here. This is really disappointing because  it was a really useful feature. We use it for storytelling across pages and using an external player takes away the practicality of ActivInspire.

      I hope we can have this function back.



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      Hi Bruno,

      I’ve added your vote to this request to our product team.  We appreciate your feedback.

      Thank you,


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