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      I’m looking for a basic user guide on setting up the activeboard 300 pro for first time users. Our board is in a shared space and members of the public will use it from time to time for presentations and I would like to be able to advise them on how to turn it on, how to import powerpoint presentations and also a short trouble shooting guide if they get stuck. Is there something like this online or can it be sent to me? Many thanks

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      Hi Sahra.

      On our Knowledge Base ( we have an article (KBM136) which is a full guide for ActivInspire.
      Also on article KBM135, this is a quick start guide for ActivInspire which may be more useful for members of the public who won’t be using the equipment all of the time.

      You can import PowerPoint files by opening ActivInspire and clicking File>Import>from here you can select “Pointpoint as Images” or “PowerPoint as objects”.

      I hope this information helps.
      Case Reference: 00481913

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      If, after looking at these user guides, you feel you need something a little more hands-on, as a Promethean Authorised Training academy, I provide on site training, (if you are based in the UK…?) and can walk you through some of the functionality as well as troubleshooting what to do when things don’t work as you’d expect. The user guides, Adam refers to above, refer to ‘free online training programmes’. But these no longer exist and have been taken down from the website. Let me know if I can help and you are UK based.
      Kind Regards
      Jon Chambers
      Get Inspired Training & Consultancy Ltd

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      Thank you Jon for the additional information. 
      Just to make sure I have checked the link and article provided by our Support Team and can confirm the User Guides on our Knowledge Base are all up and running and fully functional. 
      Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you or any of your colleagues get stuck Sahra, we’d be happy to help. If you prefer to email us, then there is a contact form on our Knowledge Base that will go straight through to our Support Team. 

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