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      We are slowly expanding our use of ActivePannels in our locations and we would love better management of them via the network or via RS232 as well as more customization


      We would love to be able to rename the HDMI ports. Might be a small thing but having all employees remember what HDMI port is connected to what device at every location is hard. So renaming them would be a huge help

      extend RS232

      We would like to start certain applications like the whiteboard via RS232 and currently it is not possible to do that, we can switch the input via room automation but then we have to teach people how to change the application to whiteboard for example.

      network management

      We would love a simple API to do everything we can do via RS232 via the network plus more. Like reset the whiteboard (one of the applications we use the most) as in delete the content and start fresh for the next meeting. But also change inputs, change settings, manage updates, …
      We don’t need a cloud interface such as we need something that we can integrate in the various building management systems we use at our locations.

      I don’t care if it is via telnet, a web API, SNMP, … whatever works for you and is easy and secure.

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      James PrometheanJames Promethean

      Hi Christian,

      Thanks for your post.

      There are existing enhancement requests relating to your API and HDMI port renaming queries, to which we have added your vote.

      As for the ability to open apps using RS232, please can you confirm if you are using Element Series ActivPanels (Titanium, Cobalt or Nickel) or older models with an ActivConnect or OPS-G device connected to them, in order to access the applications in question?


      Many thanks


      Promethean Customer Solutions


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      Hi James,

      thanks for the reply. We are looking forward to an API and HDMI port renaming hopefully in the not too distant future.


      I just checked the models we currently have AP7_A65, AP7_B70, AP7_B75  but I think we stick with the AP7_B75 models as those offer the most things we need.

      We have only one AP7_A65, I think this has an OPS device, but we have never used it. We always use the internal Apps (whiteboard etc) or external machines connected to them (sometimes Chrome Boxes but we will move away from them and use full PCs instead).




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      James PrometheanJames Promethean

      Hi Christian,

      Thanks for confirming.

      We will need to raise a new enhancement request for this feature.

      We will keep you informed of any updates around this matter if and when we hear anything from our developers.

      Many thanks for your suggestions.



      Promethean Customer Solutions

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