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      Janna BrothertonJanna Brotherton

      I installed update 2.3.65940 yesterday (11/11/2015) and everything went fine. This morning when I turned my computer on it will come on fine and went to the ctrl+alt+del screen but when you press this it goes to a black screen with just a mouse cursor. I unplugged everything from the back of the computer but the keyboard, mouse and monitor it came back up and I logged on fine. When I plug the promethean board usb back in restarted computer and it did it again so I unplugged the board and it was fine. Is there something in this update that would have made this do this?

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      Thank you for posting. We’ve logged case 599251 for this issue.

      Can you please confirm what version of the Windows operating system you’re running? What model computer are you running and what type of board are you connected to?

      If you boot the computer correctly with the board disconnected, then connect the USB cable for the board, does the issue replicate? If not, you may be able to use this as a temporary workaround.

      Other solutions that you might want to check, if you are not currently set up this way, is to try a 3m/9′ USB cable connecting directly from the computer to the board (Bypassing any extensions or adapters) and/or connecting through an external USB 2.0 hub.

      In any event, I’d suggest contacting us directly ( referencing your case number so we can follow up in more detail on the issue.

      Thank you,
      Promethean Technical Support

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