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      I have recently purchased a new Dell laptop with Windows 10 and install active and put in the relevant activation key. Each time I produce a flip chart, save to my memory stick and then try at School it doesn’t work. The pages are blank but the page browser shows the image and text. 

      Having tried it on my other laptop running windows 7, i can produce them and open on my new laptop but anything i make on my new laptop I seem to have the same issue. 

      Can you please advise how I can get around this issue?

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      Hi Gareth,

      Thank you for your post.

      Note that currently we don’t support Windows 10, however this issue may be related the way a flipchart is saved. There were improvements made to the way the software saves flipcharts some time ago, so we would like to ensure you’re up to date. Can you please check your current version of ActivInspire in Help- About?

      Can you please also confirm where you’re saving your flipcharts- For example, are you saving them to your desktop? To a network drive? To a USB stick? Sometimes if a USB stick is not disconnected properly or if there’s a connection issue when saving to a network drive the file won’t save properly.

      Does this tend to happen more often with larger files, or files that have a lot of media stored in the flipchart? There may be an issue with your temp folders, where the file is stored while it’s open, and this would tend to affect larger files more.

      We’d suggest updating to the latest version of ActivInspire and saving to the hard drive, then transferring wherever you need first and foremost.

      Please let us know the outcome.

      Thank you

      Promethean Technical Support

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      Hi Miguel, 

      It is the latest edition of ActiveInspire and was only installed last week so should be the most recent download available. 

      I am saving to a USB stick which I have used numerous times on my other laptop and never had this problem. I always make sure I disconnect it correctly to avoid any problem with it becoming corrupt. 

      The file does save as requested but when i open it at school etc. the pages are blank but the browser shows there is text/photos on slides. This has happen on each of the slides I have tried on my new laptop.

      Any further suggestions?

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      We are still working on getting our software fully supported within Windows 10. In the meantime we suggest that you check you have the latest Java installed and see what version of Flash you have installed.

      Also, please test with the AntiVirus software turned off as this could also be causing the issue.

      Kind Regards,

      Promethean Technical Support

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