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      Nicola ThreadgoldNicola Threadgold

      My board is no longer displaying any picture or sound. It is powered on and there is a light beam from the projector. I have checked all the connections from the laptop and projector to the board but can’t fix the problem. What else can I try?

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      Hi Nicola, 

      Just a few questions to help me troubleshoot the issue for you: 

      – What type of board have you got? 
      – What type of projector are you using ?  
      – Does you see a “no signal” message displayed on the board at all? 
      – Does your board have an LED light and is it lit up at all?  
      – Can you test it with another laptop or PC? 

      If you have a Windows laptop and both the board and the projector are getting power, have you tried to “toggle” your image by pressing the Function Key (FN) in combination with the key that has the monitor symbol on it?  (Usually F5 or F8 depending on the make of laptop) 

      If you are using a Promethean Projector, you can also check our Knowledge Base for various helpful articles on troubleshooting your image. 

      I have created a case reference for you under 00459371, please don’t hesitate to call support directly if you would like us to talk you through any of the troubleshooting. 

      Thank you. 

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      Hi Wendy,

      It is an ActiveBoard and a promethean projector. There is no “no signal” message on the board. There is an LED light lit up on the left hand side of the screen. Unfortunately we can’t test it with another laptop as there is no other laptop in the school that has the promethean software installed.

      We tried your suggestion of pressing the FN key with F8 and the following message was displayed on the laptop screen”no external display is attached”. We have checked all the connections again and can’t figure out where the problem is,

      Thanks for your help,


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      Thanks Nicola, 

      Technically you should be getting an image, even if there was no board installed, the projector should just be projecting the image, whether it be on a board or a wall or a screen. 
      Do you have a separate VGA cable by any chance?
      What I would like you to try, if you do, is to connect a VGA cable directly from the VGA port on your laptop into the back of the projector. You will have to unplug the VGA plug that is currently going in to the back of it and connect the cable instead. 
      If that works, then there might be an issue with the wallbox that your current VGA cable is most likely going to from your laptop at the moment. 

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      Wendy, we still haven’t found a solution for this We have checked all the cabels and power supply. There is an picture coming through from the projector but it is out of focus and the beam isn’t strong enough to reach the board.

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      Hi Nicola, 

      If you are getting an image, even if it’s dim and out of focus, then at least the projector is working. 
      The next step would be to test the projector with another lamp from a projector of the same type if you have one handy. 
      This will rule out the lamp needs replacing. 
      Also check the vents and filters to make sure they are clean and when the projector is turned off and cooled down, also check if the lens is clean. 

      The best thing to do would be to get the projector serial number and call in to our Technical Support with the reference I provided above. 
      They will be able to check the warranty and advise the next steps once you have tested it with another lamp. 

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