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      I have created and saved a flipchart on ActivInspire. . I’ve clicked on the button that allows you to see all the slides at the bottom of the page and all my work is there. However, the main screen is blue / showing a background grid. How can I view the slides in full size?

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      Thank you for your post.

      From what you’ve described to me, I believe this is still an issue with corrupt flipcharts – it’s just a matter of determining what’s causing the corruption and/or preventing it from happening moving forward. If you want to send us a flipchart to confirm, please go to and click “contact us” and enter case reference 574988 in the subject line.

      This is in our experience something that typically happens when a flipchart is saved. There were improvements made to the way the software saves flipcharts some time ago, so I want to ensure you’re relatively up to date. Can you please check your current version of Activinspire in Help- About?

      Can you please also confirm where you’re saving your flipcharts- For example, are you saving them to your desktop? To a network drive? To a thumb drive? Sometimes if a thumb drive is not disconnected properly or if there’s a connection issue when saving to a network drive the file won’t save properly.

      Does this tend to happen more often with larger files, or files that have a lot of media stored in the flipchart? There may be an issue with your temp folders, where the file is stored while it’s open, and this would tend to affect larger files more.

      We’d suggest updating to the latest version of Activinspire and saving to the hard drive, then transferring wherever you need first and foremost. If the issue still persists from there, your answer to the third question may prompt us to clear or look more closely at your temp folders. We expect any changes will not help flipcharts already affected, but let us know if following these suggestions you have issues with flipcharts looking correct before saving and then later not opening.

      We look forward to hearing from you.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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