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      Loren KleinLoren Klein

      I have an ancient 200-series board in my classroom with a Bluetooth connection and an early 2015 MacBook Pro running Mojave. I saw there was a Bluetooth connection for the board, and I was wanting to try it because ActivDriver has not in my previous four years liked working on my Mac via USB. I found the proACTIV connection broadcasting in System Settings, and when I went to connect, it connected, then promptly disconnected, entering a cycle.


      I found the manual for the board, but in Mojave there is no way to access more advanced Bluetooth options like checking the PIN, or anything else. When I go to ActivDriver I don’t even see an option to play with the ports like the manual states. Any tips/tricks with this old dinosaur? Thanks!

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      Hi Loren Klein,

      Thanks for posting.

      Can you confirm the model number of your ActivBoard (not the serial number)?

      Have you tried using the instructions from the below link:




      Promethean Support

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        Loren KleinLoren Klein

        Hi Adam,

        Is there a way I can determine this? This board was installed long before I was teaching at this school, and the only documentation I have is that it is a 200-series board.


        I discovered that document when searching online and I was using the instructions to connect to the board, but that version of OSX doesn’t have the same functionality of manually setting PINs as the one in the manual.


        Thanks a bunch!

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      Hi Loren,

      Thanks for your reply.

      The ActivDriver hasn’t changed for the bluetooth connectivity.

      As the OS versions have changed, this may no longer applicable to do on your MacBook.

      I’d recommend connecting to your ActivBoard using the USB cable.


      Promethean Support


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