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    When I try to connect to the board, the computer acts like it is seeing the board but I do not get a projection. I have tried making sure all firmware and drivers are up to date along with making sure my computer is able to copy to the board. I have tried replacing all wires and making sure that everything is connected to the back of the board.
    I also get a purple flame after the normal cycle and have tried resetting board per the instructions of unplugging but no luck. This is a series 300 board and a Promethean projector. I have also tried making sure the settings are right in the menu for the projector. No luck at all.

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    oh and the projector does come on and project the Promethean logo.

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    If there is any additional hardware used to make the video connection to this Projector (such as a wallbox, a docking station, a document camera, or any extension cabling), please try connecting to the Projector directly using only a single length of HDMI or VGA cable from the computer to any of the appropriate inputs on the Projector; does the computer image appear on the board’s surface while connected in this manner?
    Does any other computer connected in the same manner have its image displayed on the board?
    If this projector has a second input, does connecting to that input and changing the video source on the projector allow the computer’s image to be seen?
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    Jarrad, I have to use an adapter on this computer as the laptop only has USB or HDMI. I have made sure the USB adapter is working and updated. I have tried another computer on this board and it does not work either, but the main computer does work on another board.
    Tried second input and changing source and still no image.

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    Depending on the model of projector in use with your ActivBoard, there may be an HDMI input into which you can make that direct video connection.

    Which model of projector is being used with this ActivBoard?

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    Can’t find model number unless it’s on top where I can’t see and there is no HDMI input that I can see.

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    Hi dbrown107,

    Thanks for posting.

    From looking at the projector, are you able to confirm which model this is from looking at the Promethean projectors from the below link:

    If the projector has no HDMI port for you to connect to, you may need to use an adapter/converter to connect to the ports on the display ports on the projector since you mentioned that your computer only has HDMI.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

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    It’s either the 32/25 model and yes we are already using an adapter to the USB port on the computer. I also have one that converts it to an HDMI. I have tried replacing/using both of those and it does not work.

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    32/35 model I meant.

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    The PRM-35 Projector has an HDMI input on the back of it into which an HDMI cable from the computer can be connected directly, while the PRM-32 does not.

    If you cannot make a direct HDMI connection from the computer to this projector, is there a computer available with a VGA output that can be directly connected?

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    No there is not unfortunately.

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    Hi Dbrown,

    Look to see if there is a driver updated for your USB to HDMI adaptor.  Do you have a DVD player with an HDMI port that you can connect to the projector to see if you have an image?

    Thank you,

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    HI Pam,
    Updated all drivers for all adaptors, no luck. No access to a DVD player.

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    Hello DBrown,

    An e-mail is being sent to you, at the same address used to
    create your account on this site.  This
    message will have further advice concerning this issue.

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