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      Tuan Jimmy NguyenTuan Jimmy Nguyen

      Hi everyone,

      At our school we just purchase a new Promethean Activboard Touch in one of our portables. Everyone installs fine, we just are having issues with the touch part of the board and not able to calibrate or register the pens.

      Here is what we know and a promethean rep came out with their take and couldnt figure it out. Looking on the forum here and no one seems to have the same problem.

      Activboard Touch install and mounted.
       – Windows 7 machine detects the hard ware and usb connection.
       – plugging in the USB and unplugging the USB the machine detects and connects fine.
       – Ive updated the to the latest Firmware, latest software, latest windows 7 drivers.
       – device manager sees it, computer sees it when usb is plugged in.
       – the IR sensor in the bottom left hand corner seems to pulsates and when its touched, it stops pulsating so im sure it registering something.

      Updating to Windows 8/10 is not an option. It does work on MAC OSX 10.8/10.9.
      Changing the USB cable or changing to shorter USB cable does not change it.

      im guessing it has to do with a computer chipset. The machines we have tried on that have failed are Dell Optiplex 760, 780, 7010, and 7020. No go.

      anyone with the same issue or know a work around would be helpful as of now we have inoperable board.


      Jimmy Nguyen

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      Hello Jimmy,

      Thank you for your post.

      I will send you an email as we will need more details to look into this issue.

      Thank you,


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      I am basically having the same issue.  The board is attached to a Dell Optiplex 7010 and will not calibrate.  I have attached board to another computer with same cords and works fine.  I have update windows and activinspire software.

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      In addition to the ActivInspire being updated on the computer in use, was the ActivDriver also updated?  If so, can you confirm that Driver’s version number for us?  If not, please look to the ActivDriver Page on Promethean Support for the download of our updated ActivDriver.

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