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    trevor palmer
    trevor palmer

    Hi all I’m looking for some help asap. I’ve got a PRM 20 A (s) and when I turn it on the following happens.

    Fan comes on and bulp flashes briefly, it does this 3 times then the power light flashes 60 times then switches off to standby mode with just the power light on.

    I’ve read some posts and thought it may be the buld had gone so I purchased a new bulb and its exactly the same.

    I also own a sanyo PLC XE40 which has now doing the same since last sat.

    Need these back up and running asap any help much appreciated.


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    Noel Promethean
    Noel Promethean

    Hello Trevor,


    Based on the testing done, if a known working lamp doesn’t resolve your issue, it appears that you are having mechanical issues with both projectors.

    We recommend that you contact Panasonic at phone number 1-888-337-1215 option 1. to have both units serviced.  As they are the service provider we used to fix those models projectors that are outside of their warranty coverage.

    Hope this helps.





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    trevor palmer
    trevor palmer

    How is it that in nearly every post the first reply is to get the projector serviced??

    Ok so I sorted the problem out by reading many posts all over the internet, you have to reset the thermal switch through a hole on the board.

    Works fine now

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