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      Jason SalasJason Salas

      New purchase of AP6.  Looking pretty good out of the box….saw what looked like a camera in the lower left portion…tried clicking camera icon on carousel and not opening…do you need to buy a webcam or something?  Where does it hook up and how do you clip it to the flat panel?

      Recommendations on what to buy if needed?


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      Hi Jason Salas,

      Thanks for posting.

      The ActivPanels do not have any built in cameras. The webcam app is a default app installed on the ActivConnect which can be used with third party webcams.

      I suspect on the front of the ActivPanel that you are referring to as the camera is the IR sensor for the remote.

      You can see the specification sheet for your ActivPanel v6 on the below link:


      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Support

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      Jason SalasJason Salas

      Thanks for the reply.  I saw your document camera…I’m sure this would include technical support in case of issue?  Also, would this just connect to OPS and sit on a table?


      If you use a webcam, does this clip to the top of the TV – is there a place on the TV for it to mount?


      Thanks so much!

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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Hi Jason,

      The document camera functionality is quite different from a webcam and would not have any online capabilities. It also requires locally installed software to work and would need to be used with a Windows 7 PC as it’s no longer supported under Windows 10.

      There is no specific bracket or slot on the ActivPanel 6, but you should be able to position a webcam on top of it in the same way you would do on a PC monitor.


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      Jason SalasJason Salas

      Helpful information indeed – thank you very much!

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