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      We are having calibration/touch issues with our Activboard.  I have updated the driver as well as ActivInspire.  When calibrating, we get to the 2nd or 3rd cross-hairs (25 pt screen) and the calibration screen goes away.  Today when the user went to use the pen, the calibration screen popped up.  From what I have read, this could be that the usb cable is longer than it should be or possibly the firmware.

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      Hello lwellsprosper ,

      Thanks for reaching out via the support community. 

      To answer your question directly, the firmware can be found on our support site

      The firmware may resolve issues with calibration, though there are a handful of things that could cause this issue other than firmware. We would advise doing the firmware update as a last step.

      Calibration can be cancelled by pressing the barrel button of the pen. If the pen is damaged, this could cause the board to recognize a right click even when the button is not pressed.  We recommend testing with a known working pen.

      If permissions are not set correctly, there could be an issue with the calibration settings being saved to the computer. To rule this out, we recommend testing logged in as an admin on that computer.

      You may rule out a computer issue by testing with another computer that is known to work with this model of ActivBoard.

      Testing with a shorter, known working, USB cable connected directly to the board’s electronics, as you said, is also recommended. 

      We also want to ensure that the image thrown onto the board is stable and not overfilling the board’s surface.

      Promethean Support

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