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      Anna KAnna K

      If i download activinspire personal edition onto my computer, so that I can create a flipchart for an interview lesson, if I save it and email it or trnasfer it on a usb key will i be able to open it if the school already has the professional edition? I cant ask for the “key for the professional edition” as I dont work there. I have used activinspire a lot in the past but as I’m not currently based in a school I cant access the professional version. Basically can I make a flipchart in personal then open it in a different location which uses professional?

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      Hello Anna,

      Yes you will have no problems opening a flip chart you have created at home or earlier in the personal version.

      You will have more features available in the professional version but as you will have created the flip chart in the personal version you won’t have any problems.

      If you need any further support please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Thank you,


      Case ref – 549018

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