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      Jacob StebelJacob Stebel

      Hi! I’m running the ACON1-G on an ActivePanel 5 series (AP5-70) with the latest update v2.3.0.37. My domain requires a work profile and the older version of Google that the ACON1-G runs seems unable to support this function. I am unable to sign into any of my Google apps. I update the Device Policy, sign in, and wait as a work profile is created, which never finishes. As such, the OPS is basically useless to me, the other teachers in my school, and in several schools that run their own domains under work profiles. Is there a planned update to address this or will we all have to upgrade our OPS to a ChromeBox? We’re looking for a swift solution, as this affects a lot of users in the NYC Department of Education.

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      James PrometheanJames Promethean

      Hi Jacob,

      Thanks for your post.

      This is something we will have to bring up with our developers.

      To help them with their testing, please confirm the following:

      1. Are your teachers using ActivConnect G-series, ActivConnect OPS-G or a mix of both?
      2. If a mix, is this issue present on both types of device?
      3. If a mix, What firmware version are the OPS-G units running? The one to mention in your post appears to be for the G-series.
      4. Do the affected devices have Google services installed?
      5.  Examples of apps which you are unable to use due to this issue.

      We look forward to hearing from you.



      Global Escalations Specialist

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        Jacob StebelJacob Stebel

        Thank you so much for your reply!


        1. We use a mix of both
        2. The issue is indeed present on both types of devices.
        3. We’ve updated to the latest firmware on all of the boards.
        4. They all have Google Services and…
        5. … they will not support Google Apps. We can use other apps, such as screenshare.

        Unless I’m mistaken, we believe that this is because we use a domain for Google Apps for Education that isn’t a regular gmail address. When we log in using this domain, the Promethean boards enter an endless loop of trying to create a work profile but never completing it. This is perhaps due to both the ACON1-G and the OPS-G running much older versions of Android. Are there plans to update this, or do we need to upgrade to a Chromebox?

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      Hi Jacob,

      Thank you for providing those details.

      As another test, if you sign it with a personal gmail account do you come across the same issue? It does sound like this is caused by a permissions issue on the Google account side.

      Thank you,


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      Jacob StebelJacob Stebel

      Hello! When I sign in with a personal gmail account, it’s not an issue. Unfortunately, more and more schools that use Google Apps for Education will have to deal with updated security settings that mandate a work profile, which is not supported under the current Android versions on the ACON1-G and the OPS-G. Is this a known issue and if so, can anything be done?

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      Hi Jacob,

      We’d suggest reaching out to your Google workspace administrator to see if there are any changes that can be made to those accounts (as it’s working with a personal account and will be limited to an issue with these specific accounts).




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        Jacob StebelJacob Stebel

        Hello, I’m checking on the status of this, because we’re still struggling with our boards. Because the NYC Department of Education has special privacy controls, the work partition is a necessary evil. Are there any plans to upgrade the Android software to 9.0 or above so that this Work Profile partition will function as intended? It seems odd to have fairly recent devices running a version of Android that’s nearly 5 major iterations out of date.

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