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      I have a new iPhone and just looked for the ClassFlow Student app in the Apple App Store, which I had downloaded to and used on my old iPhone, but the only CF app showing there is the Teacher one. Is it called by another name now?

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      To our understanding,
      there has been no change made in that regard to the name or availability of the
      ClassFlow Student app in the App Store.


      For better guidance on
      the ClassFlow application, please access the ClassFlow Community,
      posing any enquiries there.

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      Interesting. This iPhone is running iOS 8.1.1, and the App Store returns only ClassFlow and ClassFlow Teacher Remote, but the first one also turns out to be the Teacher Remote.

      I’ll contact CF, but this is for the CF integration in ActivInspire.

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      Hi Geno,
      As this is an application released from the ClassFlow team it will be best to contact them for further information regarding this.
      Should you have issues using the Classflow integration with ActivInspire you can post on these forums for help and advice.

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