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    Glenn James
    Glenn James


    I’ve recently updated ActivInspire to the latest version and it seems there is a new bug when using Windows ‘switch user’ feature. Here’s what happens:  –

    Teacher 1 logs on and opens ActiveInspire for the lesson and leaves it running.

    Teacher 2 then comes in, uses the ‘switch user’ feature and logs on (teacher 1 is still logged on to the computer) and tries to open ActivInspire. ActivInspire refuses to open and only a restart or logging off Teacher 1 will allow ActivInspire to work for Teacher 2.

    This has never been an issue before and staff have been using the Windows ‘switch user’ feature for at least four years previsouly without any issues.

    Has anybody else come across this issue? Any ideas of how to fix it?



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    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for your reply.

    It appears that this issue started to occur since version 2.16 of ActivInspire.

    Our development team have been made aware of the issue and aim to fix this in the next release of ActivInspire which is scheduled for November 2019 however this could change and is just a rough estimate.

    I will add this case to our current ticket for our developers so we can track and monitor this for you.

    If you still have a previous version of ActivInpire prior to 2.16, you can install this and should not have any issues.


    Kind regards,


    Promethean Technical Support

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