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      Johannes PritzkatJohannes Pritzkat

      Hello everybody,


      probablye due to security reasons our AcB clientpcs are unable to download the upgrade within the activmanager.

      Could you please give us a download link to the 865 bin file? The download links on the upgrade page for the 500 pro series refer to the 863 update, which doesn’t solve the bsod problem in windows 1908.

      Firmware state is 863 build 2 now.

      Thank you in advance!



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      Hi Johannes Pritzkat

      You can find the HID firmwares on the links below for a 500 series ActivBoard:


      Please ensure that you are on the latest available firmware on the ActivBoard before updating to the HID firmware.

      After the upgrade, please follow these steps:

      -Power off the ActivBoard at the amplifier by pressing the On/Standby button. Ensure that the button is now red.
      -Disconnect the USB cable from the computer.
      -Reboot the computer.




      Promethean Support


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      Johannes PritzkatJohannes Pritzkat

      Thank you very much!

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