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      Chloe BrownChloe Brown

      The image from my computer is not centered on the Promethean Board. The window is shifted to the left and I cannot close the window from the board as the “x” is not being projected on the white area of the board but instead on the black boarder. How do I adjust the screen so that the entire window from the computer is properly projected on the white board?

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      Hi Chloe, 

      Thank you for posting your question. 
      Sounds like either the board or the projector got knocked, have you tried moving either ever so slightly to fix the issue? 
      If the projector has come loose, you might be able to shift it back and secure the bolts to keep it in place. 

      I have opened a case for you under reference 00461046 should you wish to give us a call so we can talk you through it. 

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