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      Mr R NewtonMr R Newton

      At our school we teach in different rooms. We logon to the network with our own id which carries various personalised profiles with us. However when I log on to a PC that another teacher has used, ActivInspire seems to continue to use previous teachers’ settings/profile. If I load my own profile with the main tools that I need, the order of the tools is changed from normal when docked along the top of the screen, resulting in inefficient working as I have to search along the bar for the tools I need each time. Sometimes when I load a saved profile it doesn’t seem to even have the tools I saved and I have to load it twice for it to open properly.

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      One step we have found to help with this issue is to make sure that the profile being accessed and loaded in the software is named uniquely from the other profiles stored in the same location (e.g. MrNewtonsProfile).

      If that has already been done, or if that has no effect on the behavior that is being experienced, please let us know the version number of the ActivInspire software in which this is occurring, and in which operating system that software is being used.

      Also, what location on the computer are the profiles in question being loaded from and saved to and is this issue occurring with other users’ ActivInspire profiles?

      (Support Case 00593228)

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