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      I have been unable to move or rotate shapes that I create with the shape tool.  It is very frustrating!!

      I figured out I could right click on the shape and go to the properties browser/restrictors and change the interaction mode to “Any”.  However, I am a math teacher.  I need to be able to draw shapes and interact with them right away.  This was not helpful.

      I’ve spent HOURS of my planning time trying to troubleshoot this.  Today I even downloaded the user manual so that I could have search is manually.  There is nothing in the documentation that explains what design mode is or what it actually does.  However I think I stumbled on the answer as I was messing around trying to formulate my question.  There is a little blue icon on the top bar that says design mode when I hover on it.  When I click it turns orange, but still says design mode.  When the button is orange, I can interact with the shapes.  When it is blue I can not.

      So… if I keep the button on orange will I be able to draw shapes and interact with them right away?  Is there any other way to change the default settings for drawing shapes?

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      Hi vkuryla,

      Thanks for posting,

      You should be able to amend the size and shape of an object without needing to be in design mode.

      Do you have the marque handles when you select this?

      Can you confirm what operating system and version of ActivInspire you are using?
      You can find your ActivInspire version by going to Help>About within the software (Windows OS) or ActivInspire>About ActivInspire (Mac).


      Kind regards,

      Promethean Support

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