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      Our district is moving to Chromebooks and the entire math department (and others) have years worth of flipcharts that they also share with students through our LMS. Is Promethean really saying that there will be no way for students to view those files?. Couldn’t you at least give people the option to export flipcharts as .pptx files that could be converted to Google slides?

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      Hi and thanks for posting on the Support Community.

      ActivInspire is not in development for the ChromeBook OS however what you can do, is use ClassFlow.

      With setting up a ClassFlow account, you can import your ActivInspire flipcharts to your account. This allows you to treat it as an online cloud storage so you can access from home or at school as it’s web based.

      This will be the best way for you to use all of your previous flipcharts.

      More information on ClassFlow can be found at
      For support on ClassFlow, this can be found at

      I hope this information helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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      I’ve already looked at Classflow and I don’t see it as a good option. Our

      district already has an LMS and your product will not integrate well with

      it, forcing teachers and students into having to have yet another website

      and password to remember. For free we can export slides as PDFs and have

      students annotate on those.

      It is truly sad that Promethean seems to be trying to keep its customers by

      making it impossible to go elsewhere. ActivInspire imports PowerPoint

      files, but won’t export files that way. The option to export as .iwb files

      doesn’t help either as that also means buying new software from yet another

      vendor and the results require so much work as to make it almost faster to

      just start over.

      Your company’s decision to not produce a web-based option to view

      flipcharts will only cost you in the long run and is just one example of

      why I had my ActiveBoard taken out of my room years ago. Of course, I am

      sure that no one in the company beyond your will probably even see this

      response or care.



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      Hi Phil,

      Thank you for your reply and feedback.

      All feedback is passed on to the relevant development teams to be considered for future versions and releases.

      I will raise for both ActivInspire to be supported on Chrome OS, and for there to be an online viewer for flipcharts that do not require logins for ClassFlow.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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      Hi Phil, 
      If I may jump in here:  Our ClassFlow for Schools version would actually be a very good fit here. 🙂
      We have full LMS / SiS integration available and teachers would be able to use ClassFlow to convert their already existing Flipcharts to ClassFlow Lessons as well as offer them private (shared) Teacher Spaces to share content and collaborate on Lessons and other resources.  All this with all the added benefits of the ClassFlow software when it comes to student connectivity and interaction using their Chromebooks.  

      Please don’t hesitate to get back to me via if you would like to discuss in further detail. 

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      Thank you for your input, but you need to also understand our situation. First, the cost of the school version will kill that option for our district. Even if we did have the money, there would be no training provided for staff to use this and certainly no training to integrate this with our LMS (a new one this year) that our staff has received little training on.

      Again, Promethean’s “option” seems to involve costs for us, and profits for them. Why not a simple viewer or way for us to export in something other that PDFs or iwb?

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      Thank you for getting back to us Phil, I understand your concerns. My comment was not to say that we would not consider your request, it was merely to make sure you were aware of the options. 🙂  
      We have raised an Enhancement request for future development, as indicated by my colleague Adam. Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback! 

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