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      David KeckDavid Keck

      I can connect my Chromebook to the Nickel Board and cast the screen.  But I can not use the touch feature on the board.  I have to do everything from the Chromebook.  Is this because the Chromebook needs a driver of some sort.  If so, is a way to work around this?

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      Hi David,

      When you say you are casting to the screen, are you using ActivCast or Screen Share to do this?

      Or are you simply connecting your Chromebook to the ActivPanel via HDMI/USB?

      If you are using ActivCast/Screen Share, then touch back is not a function for this with the Chrome OS.

      You would need to connect via HDMI/USB to the matching ports (I.E HDMI 2, Touch 2).

      If you are connecting via HDMI/USB already and have no touch, do other laptops work with the ActivPanel with the same cabling for touch interaction?


      Promethean Support

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