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    our school purchased an ActivPanel V7 Titanium and I’m trying to figure out how to manage it. I’m using the Chromebox which I successfully paired with the Panel.

    When using the panel and selecting an app installed on the Chromebox, it only works if a user is logged in. Right? Does that mean that each teacher has to enter a password before being able to use the Chromebox?

    Configuring the ChromeBox for auto-login is, as far as I know, only possible when using a G-Suite Admin account. Does that mean that my school or school district need a G-Suite for Education account?

    How about the Promethean MDM platform?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Stéphane Laisney-Feuerabend,

    Thanks for posting.

    This would be down to how you want to manage your user accounts on the Chromebox however you could use a standard google account and have this be used with your Chromebox, you could then download any needed applications and as providing this has been integrated there would be no need to go to your Chromebox source as the applications will be available in your locker.

    Promethean Panel Management would not include managing applications on the Chromebox or other devices such as the OPS-G but just for the ActivPanel itself.

    It may be possible to use other MDM solutions for the Chromebox and managing applications/accounts etc however you would need to sample these to best suit your needs

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    Promethean Support



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    thanks for the answer!

    After synchronizing the Chromebox and the Panel with the Promethean Chromebox utility, the app I installed on the Chromebox appear in the locker. If I start one of these Apps, the Panel switches to the Chromebox (hdmi 2) and asks for the login password.

    Is it the way it’s supposed to work? Actually all Apps should start straight out of the locker without asking for a password or changing source…

    Do I have to change some settings?

    Kind regards,


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