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      Luk GoffinLuk Goffin


      I am new here, we use a beamer UST-P1 and ActivBoard 300 (HID v8.12)
      I installed chromecast on the HDMI port, video is working well via casting, but i get no sound via chromecast.
      Sound is working well via HDMI & USB connected to laptop !
      Which sound cable/connector do I need to connect where (both sides) for sound witch Chromecast ?
      Many thanks in advance for your help !

      Kind regards

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      Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean

      Hello Luk,

      Thank you for your post.

      You would need to connect an audio cable from the projector to the mono/aux port on the amp on your ActivBoard.

      Below is a link to a support article showing the connections on your ActivBoard:


      Please let us know if you need any further support.

      Kind regards,


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      Luk GoffinLuk Goffin

      Hello Craig,

      Many thanks for your feedback !

      I was wrong, it is not a UST-P1 beamer but a EST-P1 beamer from promethean !
      Sorry for my mistake !

      I do not find any sound connection on the beamer ?
      The available connections for EST-P1 are :
      1. VGA OUT Connect the RGB CABLE to a display
      2. RS-232 Connect RS-232 serial port cable for remote control
      3. VGA – 1 Connect the RGB CABLE
      4. VGA – 2 Connect the RGB CABLE
      5. RJ – 45 Connect a LAN CABLE from Ethernet
      6. S-VIDEO IN Connect the S-VIDEO CABLE from a video device
      7. VIDEO IN Connect the COMPOSITE CABLE from a video device
      8. USB Connect the USB CABLE from a computer
      9. AC IN Connect the POWER CABLE 10
      10. HDMI Connect the HDMI CABLE from a HDMI device 9

      Sadly this beamer does not even have a built-in speaker ?
      Is there any other possibility to provide sound from EST-P1 together witch chromecast ?

      Already many thanks in advance for your feedbak !

      Kind regards

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      Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean

      Hello Luk,

      Thank you for confirming. The EST-P1 projector does not have an audio port.

      You would be unable to play audio when using the Chrome Cast.

      Please let us know if you have any questions.

      Kind regards,


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