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      Amanda HowardAmanda Howard

      Is there a way to change the score of a students assessments when the question is auto-scored?  I am worried about times that a student gets the correct answer, but types it in in a way that I did not predict as a teacher, for example 5/6 and they type in 5 /6 with a space. Is there a way to override the auto score and tell it that it is correct?

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      James PrometheanJames Promethean

      Hi Amanda,


      Thanks for your message.


      There does not currently seem to be a way of modifying scores after an assessment has been completed.


      To avoid this issue, we would suggest adding several possible answers where a slight difference would still be accepted.


      In this instance, having “5 /6”, “5 / 6”, “5/6” and “5 over 6” would result in a score. You have the option to set specific scores for each answer if you so wished.


      You could also write a warning in to your question to ensure they have checked their answer in the correct format perhaps?



      Please do not hesitate to get back in touch if you have any further questions.





      Promethean Technical Support




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