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      Cheryl KinionCheryl Kinion

      In the change from PC to Mac I lost all my standard clipart and pictures. Where can I get them?

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      Hello Cheryl,


      If you still have
      access to the PC which was in use previously, you can export them from that
      computer’s resource library for use on the Mac.


      On the PC, access the
      Resource Browser.  If you do not see the
      Browser window open, press CTRL + B on the computer’s keyboard or click on the ‘View’
      menu and choose ‘Browsers’  to bring it
      up.  The Resource Browser will be the
      second Icon from the left.


      Use one of the two
      silhouette icons to select either My Resources (single silhouette) or Shared Resources
      (three-person silhouette), depending on which library is needed.


      Select the topmost
      folder in the browsing window below; a small Menu Icon will be seen to the
      right.  Click on that Menu Icon and choose “Export to Resource Pack…”.  Then, choose the location where the exported pack will be saved; in this case, we recommend saving that file to the Desktop.  From there, the file can be copied to a USB drive and transferred to the Mac.


      On the Mac, copy the
      resource pack you created to the desktop. 
      In ActivInspire, look to the ‘File’ menu for ‘Import’, then either “Resource
      Pack to Shared Resources” or “Resource Pack to My Resources”, depending on whether
      you want all user accounts on this computer to access these resources or just
      your user account.  Then, browse to the file on
      your Desktop and click ‘Open’; the pack will begin to import then.


      If another user has
      those files in their resource library, the same steps can be used to export
      their library, any other resource library, or any subfolders in a given library.


      If you have no access
      to the computer and no other user has those resources, you may need to
      re-acquire them either from Planet or from whatever source they were obtained.


      Support Case 00468607.

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