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      Shelley NobleShelley Noble

      A co-teacher was trying to help me orient my interactive paromethean board. He accidently turned the remoted off. He immediately knew what he had done. He said it had happened before to his wife. He said I needed to find another remote with a “Code 2” to turn on my board and then we could turn on my remote from there. I have never used a promethean board before. I’ve always had a smartboard at my former school so I know nothing about how to work it. What do I need to do to turn my remote back on?

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      Hi Shelley,

      Thanks for posting of the Support Community.

      Please could you confirm if this is a Promethean branded projector?
      If it is a Promethean branded projector could you confirm the model number (excluding serial number)?

      I look forward to your reply.

      Promethean Technical Support
      Case 00570892

Viewing 1 reply thread
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