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      Debbie SilvinDebbie Silvin

      I want to have my students ‘click’ on one picture that will then allow another picture to appear. For example I will have a cat and when they click on the cat a hat will appear on the cat. I do not know the ‘command’ I have to assign to the cat.

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      Hi Debbie!
      Within ActivInspire to do this you can do this by adding the cat and the hat then arrange the hat where you want it to be and then right click and press “Hidden”.
      Go to the Action browser and select the cat and find the hidden action and select this. You will then see the “Action properties” below and to select a target. Select the hat image and apply changes. This way you will have the ability to click the cat and a hat will appear, click again and it will disappear.
      I hope this information helps
      Reference: 00482535

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