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      Zoe PrometheanZoe Promethean

      The Promethean Support Community is a place for you to collaborate with other users of Promethean products by asking questions, providing solutions, and posting your ideas about Promethean products. We invite you to participate in the conversations, discussions, and exchange of ideas but we do have a few rules. For everyone’s sake, we are committed to enforcing these guidelines, as well as the Promethean Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

      Spread the wealth!

      Make the Community a richer place by sharing your experience and insight. You may have the perfect answer to someone else’s burning question, so don’t hesitate to join in the conversation and share your knowledge.

      Get permission and respect others’ privacy

      Make sure you have the right to publish any content you post to the Community, and don’t violate the privacy of others.

      Be sensitive to others

      Be sensitive to other people around you, and, in general, don’t post any words or images that come at the expense of others or that are of a sexual, offensive, or violent nature. It is important to foster healthy conversation and debate without ever attacking people personally. Think about that when responding to others, and ask yourself the question: Would you say it to their face?

      No advertising for gain

      It’s okay to talk up the products or services you love (or sell), but only if it’s relevant to the conversation. If you’re only here to promote your website, your post may be removed by a moderator.

      Thank you for considering our guidelines. As with any community, it’s up to each of us to create and participate in open conversations that can bring us together. Our aim is to provide an additional channel which allows us to support each other and share our mutual passion for learning.

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