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      Is the only way to connect a DESKTOP (not a laptop) to a Promethean Board is by installing the software on the desktop?

      Every time I change the Source, it wants me to input the code. I understand this is easy for laptops but…

      The desktop I use, used to be connected to a SMARTboard. I don’t have a monitor for it. I used to use the SMARTboard as a monitor. It was pretty plug and play. (just plug the desktop in, change the input source, and it would display).

      Is there a way I can just use it as a monitor, until I get set up? Or do I NEED to install the software?.

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      Thank you for your post.

      To help ensure we have a complete understanding of this issue, can you please confirm the model of the Promethean hardware you are working with? This guide contains information on locating our products’ serial numbers, which may assist in locating the model.

      If you are using an ActivPanel, the below guide may be of assistance.

      1571 – How do I display an image on the ActivPanel?

      Our ActivDriver software is often needed to allow touch interaction with connected computers, but it not necessary to facilitate the image displaying on the screen. Once the computer is connected to the projector or ActivPanel via HDMI, VGA, or USB-C, the image from the computer should be displayed once the relevant source has been selected (HDMI 1, VGA, HDMI 2, etc). On our projectors and ActivPanels, you may change sources using the remote’s Source button.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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