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      If experience issues with working with containers. Sometimes it works correctly, but sometimes the objects do not return to their orignal position when placed in a wrong container. When this happens the objects cannot be removed from the wrong containers anymore. This result in making the container not usable.
      I have noticed that other people experience this problem as well.

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      On the objects being
      moved into the containers, make sure that the setting for “Return if not
      Contained” in ActivInspire’s Property Browser is set to “True”. 


      After an object has
      been contained in the correct container, it can be moved-once-to any location
      on the flipchart, even if that location is an incorrect container.  We would suggest that, after the objects are
      contained in their intended containers, either the objects be moved to an area
      on the flipchart where there are no containers or the page reset tool be used
      to restore the page to its last saved state.


      (Support Case

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