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      I would like to set up a question set in the following way:


      10 questions. Each questions has a part a, b and c.

      If they get part a correct they will do part b, if they get
      part b correct they will do part c.

      If they get a or b wrong they will move on to question 2.

      Is this possible, if so, how would I set it up?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      While you would not be able to create a single self-paced assessment in that manner, you can create 10 separate self-paced assessments (each on an individual page) and use leveling of questions to generate the desired behavior on each individual question (i.e. only progress to the next part of question with a correct answer).

      In the Question manager, I set up three questions (the part A, B, and C) and set them to different levels.

      Then, in the Test Properties sections of the Question Manager, I elected to ‘Control progress through levels’ so that the student only can proceed to the next level when a correct response is given. If an incorrect response is given, since I have not allowed users to re-attempt correct answers, the assessment on that page will end for the user and their Expression device will state that there are no further questions.

      This should result in the desired behavior for each individual set of questions, but you would still need to advance to the next page manually to access the next set of questions.

      (Support Case 00594012)

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