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      Laura Leigh RampeyLaura Leigh Rampey

      In answer to an earlier question, I was advised to create a template. Foolishly, I imagined that I would be able to “save as” a template, or that there would be a “create a new template” tool.
      So . . . HOW do I create a new template?

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      While you aren’t able to save pages as a templates per se, you can right-click on a flipchart page and chose the “Add to Resource Library” option to present 3 options for adding the page to the resource library:

      ‘Add Page to Resource Library’ will add the entire page to the Resource Library, ‘Add Background’ will only add the page’s background, and ‘Add Grid’ will add the grid formatted in the Grid Designer to the resource library. Regardless of the option chosen, the resulting resource will be added to the currently selected folder in the Resource Browser, where it can be dragged to a different folder or dragged out to the Flipchart page for use there.

      (Support Case 00641230)

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