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      I recently attended a school to help them fix ActivInspire as it wasn’t working properly. I am not a technician, more a trainer, but have built up knowledge on a need to know basis. The problem appeared to be that the original technician had done a custom installation of the s/w. There was no C drive and it was installed from a server. Whenever you opened ActivInspire, the tool palette looked very odd like most of the tools were missing. I noticed when I looked into the settings that there were some very odd tools in the commands, specifically just the military compass.
      Can you offer an explanation as to how and why it does this? Is it down to the custom installation? Can you, like Smart Notebook only install certain components? which may explain why most of the tools were missing. See figs below. Fig 1 shows missing tool bar. See right hand side AND restricted browser view (left).
      Fig 2 shows the only tools available in ‘commands’ section of the settings.

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      Since the computer on which this issue is occurring had no local hard drive, can you confirm whether this is utilizing some variety of a Thin Client setup? Do be advised that our software is not supported for installation or use in that manner; we support the installation of the ActivInspire software on a computer’s local hard drive.

      Behavior similar to what is seen in the pictures provided is sometimes seen when an issue is present with one of the ActivInspire profiles in use. If a different profile is used with the software, does the software display any differently?

      (Support Case 00607699)

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