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      Gareth EdmondsonGareth Edmondson

      Hi there

      We are trying to source old pens (orange and grey) for our older boards. Once such board is:


      Firmware: 3.47 Build 1

      Driver version:

      Connection is via USB

      Software Driver on W10 is 5.18.19

      I have been told by suppliers that ARAAC2PENSET will work – but it doesn’t. Then I’ve been told the board needs a firmware upgrade – yet in the driver software there is no firmware available.

      I cannot believe Promethean cannot release a pen that works across all boards without hassle. This is tech! It can be done. We cannot afford to upgrade working boards just because some pens are now going for £50+ on ebay.

      Can anyone help?



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      James PrometheanJames Promethean

      Hi Gareth,

      Thanks for your post.

      The PRM-AB2-01 is quite an old model and as such, the original pens have not been manufactured for some time now.

      However, the ActivArena Pens should work perfectly after a specific firmware update, which is explained here.

      Please note, that this firmware update will not be suggested when trying to update through ActivManager and selecting Internet.

      It can only be done by downloading the correct file from the link provided above.




      Promethean Technical Support

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      Gareth EdmondsonGareth Edmondson

      Hi James,

      Thanks for this – I’ve been trying this with several boards but only one seems to work. Would it be possible to send a list of boards/firmwares/drivers through to someone at Promethean and work with them to get things working?

      I’m sure I’m not the only school in the UK with older boards that needs Pens. Reading various online forums (such as Edugeek) and through talking with people in Swansea LEA – a lot of pens are needed.

      One such board is running firmware

      2.73 Build 0


      Driver Version

      I believe it is a 378Pro board. It’s not letting me upgrade at all.

      In another twist of fate – we have several serial boards. They  have to stay serial in order to work with Windows 10 (post 1903). HOw do we upgrade these?



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      Karen PrometheanKaren Promethean

      Hello Gareth,

      Thank you for your response.

      Due to the nature of this issue, we are going to contact you directly via email with specific troubleshooting and questions.

      Kind Regards,


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