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      Model PRM-30A

      I am the regional tech for Waukegan Public Schools so I am not intimately involved with this problem, rather I am told what is wrong and I check it out. Teacher said that the image cast from the projector onto the board is dim. I looked at it and compared it to another PRM-30A and it did seem to be not as bright as that one, pretty obvious actually. We replaced the bulb but there has been no change. Blew out all the dust. Still no change. Any further suggestions.

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      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for posting and letting us know what you’ve attempted.

      It sounds like this may be an issue with dust ingress in the projector itself, as most likely the dust has eventually been sucked in to the projector through the filters not being clear and free from dust build up. 

      The projector will need an optical clean to help overcome this dim image that is being displayed.

      If you want to go ahead with an optical clean please let us know so we can follow up directly to arrange this.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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