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      Michael JennerMichael Jenner

      How to disable the startup Splash screen by ActivInspire.
      I’ve searched for a solution in the FAQ and other places without luck.
      I cannot be the only one who wants to do this?
      Kind regards,

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      There doesn’t appear to be a way to do that, Michael, or to move it out of sight, and it’s been an ongoing source of annoyance for many of us. It’s been brought up a number of times over at least a couple of years now in the forum.

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      If I had a choice I would abandon Promothean / ActivInspire for this reason only. It is simply not acceptable to loose valuable time due to this splash screen crap (pardon my language :o).

      I thought splash screens were abandoned in the 90’s …

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      There is no setting in the software or any other method
      available for disabling the splash screen seen when the ActivInspire software boots
      up at this time.


      We will raise this as a suggestion for enhancement to our software, which
      may be implemented in a future version.


      (Support Case 00503495) 

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